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NCH Life Sciences is a provider of innovative probiotic delivery systems. We achieve digestive and environmental balance in applications including aquaculture, plant, poultry, swine and facility wastewater. NCH Life Sciences, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of NCH Corporation.

NCH is a leading global supplier of biological solutions, water treatment and facility maintenance products. In more than 50 countries on six continents, NCH offers an extensive and varied product line to industrial, commercial and institutional customers.

Our Vision

With global population growth and increased pressure to reduce antibiotics, farmers are facing more demanding challenges than ever. NCH Life Sciences is committed to helping customers increase production efficiency through innovative solutions, patented technologies and forward-thinking research and development.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop probiotic solutions that produce measurable improvements in digestive health. By striving to deliver healthier air and water, we help customers increase production efficiency while reducing environmental impact.

Research and Development

Our success comes from our dedication to world-class R&D. We are committed to help our customers achieve their goals through constant innovation, open collaboration and partnerships with universities and industrial leaders.

Headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, our scientists come from a multidisciplinary background including genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, aquaculture, plant pathology, biology and agriculture.



Eli Metchnikoff receives the Nobel Prize in medicine for his work demonstrating that harmful microbes can be replaced by beneficial microbes to treat intestinal illnesses


Milton P. Levy Sr. began National Disinfectant Company offering just six products and a dream


The NCH Corporation name was adopted as the company expanded into new maintenance product lines. Sales reached $200 million.


The product is later renamed Activia.


A need is identified for an “economically and municipally acceptable method of removing solids, fats, oils and greases from water sources”


BIO-Amp™, a revolutionary bacteria generator for use in drains, wastewater, turf and ponds, is designed


First field installation of BIO-Amp takes place at a restaurant in Irving, Texas


BIO-Amp is updated to use pelletized bacteria


Widespread production and sales of the BIO-Amp begins


Panera Bread introduces chicken raised without the use of antibiotics


NCH probiotic studies begin in U.S.


U.S. FDA announces efforts to limit antibiotic use in animals used for meat


NCH Thailand trials begin


McDonald’s plans to reduce antibiotics in chicken for all 14,350 restaurants in the U.S.


Pilgrim’s Pride plans to eliminate antibiotics from 25% of production


NCH sales in India and Thailand begin


Patent-pending ECOcharger™ is introduced, a breakthrough in probiotic delivery

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